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Sherpa – Handle your image metadata, in InDesign, for workflows, integrations and archives 

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Metadata and workflow plugin for InDesign

Carrying the metadata workflow

If you need a tool to handle metadata in images, Sherpa may be the one you want. Using Sherpa you will be able to add, delete and edit metadata in images, route images in automatic workflows based on a combination of metadata and hot folders.
And you do all of this when your images are mounted in InDesign!

Why edit metadata?

  • Create better archives with information you add yourself and via Sherpa features like date stamps on images
  • Use metadata for integration withother systems handling metadata
  • Create automatic workflows with workflow tools based on metadata
  • Correct metadata where there are errors in images

Metadata – the more the merrier

Using Sherpa you may place a stamp of metadata when and where an image has been used, before archiving. This is crucial information when next user are choosing an image to avoid using the same, or similar, image over and over again.

Create automated workflows

You can use metadata in order to create automated workflows or to make different systems interact. An exemple, you are using both auto repro and manual repro for different images. Send your images from the InDesign document by setting “Manual” in a metadata tag. This image can now be sent anywhere in the world using FileTrain, FileTrain will also get the ready made image back and Sherpa will find it and place it in the document. 
Choosing “Auto” may instead send your image directly to Color Factory or Elpical Claro for automated repro via the server. Very efficient and simple as pie!

Actions and Action sets

You can choose to update/edit one specific tag in a namespace or you can create Action Sets which can perform several tasks with just one click from the user. An action can be anything from adding some information in a Namespace tag to sending the file in an automated workflow to some other user in another part of the world.

Improve your archives

Add keywords important for your business to the image. Maybe the keywords are a bit different when the image is in a layout than it appeared to be as a stand alone image?
You can even add information about the document where you use the image like the date when you used it. All this information will be available in your archive. This will help you to find out if the image you are just about to use has been frequently used in near time.