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Corbit – Endless opportunities to create automated workflows 
Cargo – The most efficient ad management system for publishers
Selfservice - Create and manage ads for Print and Digital in your web browser
Feedback – Create image reporting automatically 

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Today, Cargo is the leading system for handling adverts in Sweden. There are over 500 titles (newspapers and magazines) getting their advertising files using Cargo every day and we have some of the biggest print houses as our customers. There are several reasons for this but one of the main reasons is that the efficiency of the Cargo system crea… Read more


Create reports for image agencies Using copyright protected images? Ever thought about the time and the costs you spend on creating the reports for these images? If you still do this manually, our guess is that you haven´t. Creating these reports might be one of the most time consuming, non-creative, tasks for a magazine! Feedback… Read more


FileTrain is declared end-of-life for 2023-12-31 All the FileTrain customers are referred to our new product  Corbit . Please contact us for a demo of Corbit and to take advantage of the special offers for former FileTrain customers that moves to Corbit.  All FileTrain customers with a valid SMA-contract will of course have their support for … Read more