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Revolutionizing Ad Management


Software development

Some areas where Laidback Solutions has expertise knowledge.

  • Integration with different sub systems in production environments.
    E.g. connecting databases with user applications such as  Adobe InDesign.
  • Plug-ins to Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat
  • Metadata handling
  • Workflows
  • Systems integration

Our consultants has expertise knowledge on digital and print, editorial and advertising. Creating good, effective solutions for any kind of publishing to put it short.

Some of the customers where we have made customized development

StaplesVLTH&M RowellsHallpressenThe Swedish Newspaper Publishers´ AssociationNWTExpressenLammhults möblerCitat SolutionsBonnier Tidskrifter,BiltemaDagens IndustriStadiumHjemmet Mortensen förlagPeak Performance and many more. We also develop parts of systems for other software vendors, both Swedish and international companies.

Got an idea you want to try out?

Please feel free contacting us to test your idea, no charge of course. Sometimes it is much cheaper to get a tailor made solution than you might think! Using our experience and our code bank we can develop solutions fast.


pdfToolbox Server

Since 2010, Laidback can offer our customers pdfToolbox Server from Callas Software. This is a program with lots of features for preflighting and conversion of PDF-files. From version 5, pdfToolbox Server can also offer the option to work as an advanced Adobe Distiller by creating PDF´s from EPS- and PS-files. pdfToolbox Server can be used in Cargo Online Preflight (preflight of PDF´s through a web browser) and direct in FileTrain. For demanding customers we suggest you have a look at pdf Toolbox, read more about the product here.

Pitstop Server

At least in Sweden, we regard Pitstop Server to be the standard product for preflighting PDF-files. Laidback can help you getting Pitstop Server and to configure the workflow. I our system Cargo Pitstop Server is used by lots of customers. There are also a module to Cargo, Cargo Online Preflight, where we have integrated Pitstop Server to let the customers use Pitstop Server just by using their web browser. Read about Pitstop Server here.


Training is always offered when installing new software.


We offer a top quality support on all our products.
For every software purchase a 90 days free support is included.
An SUP-contract (Software Upgrade Plan) is available on all products. In this contract the customer will get all the upgrades, from small fixes to major upgrades, and tech support for a fixed sum. Contact us for more information.