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Product update

Laidback Solutions constantly releases updates of our software.
Please check here to make sure you have the latest version of your software for your OS.

FileTrain 6.8.3 released

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FileTrain 6.8.3 is released with a number of fixes. There is also a new macro to extract multiple clipping paths added. See version history for full information.

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FileTrain 6.8.2 release

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FileTrain now officially support Apple OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Download FileTrain here from here.

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FileTrain and Cargo ready for Yosemite

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Laidback has released new versions of both FileTrain and Cargo to support the new OS from Apple, Yosemite. The versions are called FileTrain /  Cargo and is needed if you want to run Yosemite, older versions will not run on this OS.

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FileTrain 6.8.1 release

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Fix for sending data to Cargo which contains HTML escape characters Fix in the CASE macro where comparing two numbers could fail if they were having a comma as decimal character instead of a dot Changed the timeout in Cargo actions where the timeout previously was 2 seconds. This is now changed to 15 seconds. New improved macro to get safe file names New macro to get Xpath list elements

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FileTrain 6.8 release

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New features like integration with Elpical Claro and zip files actions, fixes and some improved features. Fix if using customized XMP with a prefix containing a dash (-). Edited values would not be updated in the result file. Fix in customized XMP where multiple namespaces could fail to be handled correctly Fix in macro %XPATHLIST[…]% where child nodes to the wanted result were returned Fix in AdPoint integration action where ampersand characters would be treated wrongly New action to zip files New action for integration with Elpical Claro...

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