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More information

More information about Sherpa

All the images in your InDesign document are shown in the Sherpa palette. You choose which columns and what metadata you like to be able to see and edit. The first column, Links, gives you control of all the links of all the images in the document. The second column, File Name, is for showing which image you are working on (and what quality it has). The rest of the columns are up to you to decide.

sherpa palette incl actions

The Sherpa palette

Actions and Action sets

You can choose to update/edit one specific tag in a namespace or you can  create Action Sets which can perform several tasks with just one click from the user. An action can be anything from adding some information in a Namespace tag to sending the file in an automated workflow to some other user in another part of the world.

sherpa prefs action sets

Create sets of actions

Improve your archives

Add keywords important for your business to the image. Maybe the keywords are a bit different when the image is in a layout than it appeared to be as a stand alone image?

You can even add information about the document where you use the image like the date when you used it. All this information will be available in your archive. This will help you to find out if the image you are just about to use has been frequently used in near time.

Automatic or semi-automated workflows

In most professional image handling systems, metadata is used.
As an example for workflows based upon metadata, we have a tag in a namespace set that we call “Repro”. The Sherpa user can choose this action, add a short description on what kind of manual repro work he wants to be done, and other parts of the system can find this information automatically. Using a tool like our product FileTrain you can even get the image sent to another company/country where this manual repro will be done. The information is included in the image which makes it impossible to create a file with the instructions for the operator. Once he is done, he sends the image back to your FTP-server, FileTrain finds the file and place it in the correct folder and Sherpa will automatically update the InDesign document. Simple as pie!

sherpa prefs actions meta macro

Create your own actions

Do size matter?

In some countries, image agencies charge more depending on the size of the image when published. Making the mistake to have an image 1% bigger than it should have been will cost you x euros, 100 users making this kind of mistake will cost you a fortune.
We have a built-in size control in Sherpa where you can set the limits yourself in order to give you alerts. So yes, size matters in some cases.

image sizes

Set size alerts

There´s a lot more features to Sherpa. Try it yourself!

You can download a 30 days with no other restrictions than the time limit. Please contact us if you would like some online help to get started!