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Carrying the metadata workflow

If you need a tool to handle metadata in images, Sherpa may be the one you want. Using Sherpa you will be able to add, delete and edit metadata in images, route images in automatic workflows based on a combination of metadata and hot folders.
And you do all of this when your images are mounted in InDesign!

Why edit metadata?

  • Create better archives with information you add yourself and via Sherpa features like date stamps on images
  • Use metadata for integration with other systems handling metadata
  • Create automatic workflows with workflow tools based on metadata
  • Correct metadata where there are errors in images

Set up workflows integrated with FileTrain to create black and white versions of an image automatically, to sharpen an image or maybe to send an image for manual handling anywhere in the world! You may even write an instruction direct in the metadata for the image operator. Or keep it simple, Sherpa can communicate with any hot folder based system.

The Sherpa palette

All the images in your InDesign document are shown in the Sherpa palette. You choose which columns and what metadata you like to see. All the actions are available on the fly-out menu or by right-click on the selection in the palette. Using the Action sets, you can have Sherpa performing several steps automatically and finally update your layout with the processed image! You configure the actions yourself, it is up to you what you want to do in Sherpa.

New features in version 2.0 (released)

  • Edit metadata tags direct without calling for an action
  • Add metadata to images completely missing metadata
  • Support for Hot folders in Sherpa. Integrate with any hot folder based software. E.g send an image to a repro server, have the processed version auto updated in your layout
  • View all information in a tag via “mouse over”, e.g. Caption information
  • Share preferences in a user group
  • Modification date may be manipulated for integration with DAM-systems
  • Copy any images from your layout to any folder in your network
  • Use pre-defined popup-menus setting values in tags to minimze risk of human errors
  • Q-values are introduced. Icons show the user if there are resolution enough in the image compared to what you are planning to print
  • Copy metadata, e.g. Caption text, by drag & drop to your layout
  • Get bigger previews on mouse over
  • Faster updates of metadata via a C++ library
  • Filter which types of files to work with

Download the Sherpa product sheet