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Revolutionizing Ad Management

FileTrain References

Some of the customers using FileTrain.

Having only recently been introduced to Laidback solutions software our experience has been extremely positive with great results. It has been completely different than working with other software solution companies. Their support has been second to none and they are always on hand to help you achieve exactly what is needed from their product. It has been refreshing different being able to work with developers directly rather than a chain of people who reiterate your needs which all delays the workflow. I came with a very specific and technical request from their software, which is not in their usual line of work and the laidback team were flexible in resolving every scenario with a sound and well thought out solution. All in all very pleased with their work with us and would definitely recommend to others in the future.
– David Moy, Production Manager, The Print Space, London, UK.

Bohusläningen Tidnings AB (Newspaper Sweden)
Stockholms Fotosätteri AB (Printhouse Sweden)
Göteborgs-Posten (Newspaper Sweden)
Expressen (Newspaper Sweden)
GT (Newspaper Sweden)
Tidnings AB Norra Skåne  (Newspaper Sweden)
Svenska Dagbladet (Newspaper Sweden)
Södermanlands Nyheter  (Newspaper Sweden)
Dagens Industri (Daily Financial Sweden)
Annonsservice (Ad service company Sweden)
Metro Sweden  (Newspaper Sweden)
Stockholms Tryckcentral (Printhouse Sweden)
Lärartidningar Produktion (Publishing house Sweden)
Lokaltidningen Mitt i Stockholm AB (31 weekly newspapers, Sweden)
VTAB (Västsvenskt Tidningstryckeri AB) (Print house Sweden)
The Globe and Mail - (Daily Financial Canada)
Mentor Communications AB (Publishing house Sweden)
Innerstadspress (Daily newspapers Sweden)
Times Educational Supplement (Publishing house England)
Mediakompaniet (Ad service company Sweden)
Agencia Queens, (Image agency, Spain)

E&S Foto AB (Image agency, Sweden)
Branschmedia (Ad service company Sweden)
Skånska Dagbladet (Newspaper Sweden)
Laholms-Tidning (Newspaper Sweden)

Värmlands Folkblad  (Newspaper Sweden)
Lokaldelen (Telephone catalogue Sweden)
Nya Lidköpings Tidning (Newspaper Sweden)
Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå TT  (News Agency Sweden)
Linjepunkt Repro  (Print house Sweden)
Trade & Logistics Siam  (Corporate Thailand)
 (Daily newspaper Thailand)
Annonsdax (Ad service company Sweden)
Nya Wermlands Tidning (Newspaper Sweden)
Arvika Nyheter (Newspaper Sweden)
Enköpings-Posten (Newspaper Sweden)

Filipstads Tidning (Newspaper Sweden)
Fryksdalsbygden (Newspaper Sweden)
Karlskoga Tidning  (Newspaper Sweden)
Nya Kristinehamns-Posten  (Newspaper Sweden)
Säffle Tidningen (Newspaper Sweden)

Skaraborgs Allehanda (Newspaper Sweden)
Ediciones SM (Newspapers Spain)
Società Pubblicità Editoriale S.p.a (Newspapers Italy) 
Förlags AB Albinsson & Sjöberg (Publishing house Sweden)
Sport Authority of Thailand (Govermental Thailand) 
Eniro (Telephone catalogue Sweden)
izv medien GmbH & Co (Publishing house Germany)
Altmeppen Verlag GmbH & Co – (Publishing house Germany) 
BooHoo – (Clothes webshop England)
Laholms Lito (Print house Sweden)
Aller Media (Publishing house, Sweden)
Quidiario – (Newspaper, Spain)
KurierVerlag Lennestadt GmbH (Publishing house Germany)
Hallpressen (Newspaper group Sweden) 
Public Relation Department (Govermental Thailand )
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Newspaper Germany)
Helsingborgs Dagblad (Newspaper Sweden)
Korpapress (Publishing house Spain)
PTT Public Company Limited (Corporate Thailand)
MetroXpress (Newspaper Denmark)
Forma Publishing Group (Publishing house Sweden) 
Durham Constabulary (Police authority, England) 
Jason Clarke Photography (Image agency Ireland)
Starpix (Image agency, Austria) 
Egmont Magasiner (Publishing house, Denmark)
Egmont Tidskrifter (Publishing house, Sweden) 

University Hospital Wales (Hospital, Wales) 
Warwickshire Police Authorithy  (Police authority, England) 
West Mercia Police (Police authority, England) 
Northamptonshire Police (Police authority, England) 
Trois Rivieres Police (Police authority, Canada)  
Metro France (Newspaper, France) 
Västerbottens-Kuriren (Newspaper, Sweden)
Talentum – (Publishing house, Sweden)
The Express - (Newspapers and publishing house England) 

National News (News agency, England) 
Dumont Systems GmbH (Publishing house, Germany) 
Norfolk Constabulary (Police authority, England) 
Dagbladet (Newspapers, Norway)
Yedioth (Newspaper, Israel)
Bquick (Accountant firm, Sweden)
Opusett (Media Agency, Sweden) 
The Print Space (Digital Print house, England) 
Matrix Media Group (Image agency, England) 
Banpu Public Company Ltd (Energy corporate, Thailand) 
Tun Media (Publishing house, Norway) 
Northern and Shell (Corporate, England) 
Ellos (E-commerce, catalogues, Sweden) 
Infophoto (Image agency, Italy)
Hurtigruten AS (Shipping company, Norway)
Ortstidningar i Väst (Newspaper, Sweden) 

Skotska polismyndigheten, (Police authority, Scotland) 
Velocity Made Good (Ad service company, New Zeeland) 
Willmy (Media group, Germany)
Svenskt Näringsliv (Trade organisation, Sweden)
Lagardere (Publishing house, France)
MaxPPP (Image Agency, France) 

Dagens Næringsliv (Daily Financial, Norway)
Amedia (Newspaper group, Norway)
Trønderavisa (Newspaper, Norway)
Rogalands Avis (Newspaper, Norway)
Bloomberg BNA, (Business information site, USA)
Elanders Tryckeri (Print house, Sweden)
Solinger Tageblatt GmbH & Co. KG (Newspapers, Germany)
Kier Group (Construction and engineering company, UK)
Scanpix (NTB) (Image and news agency, Norway)
Sanoma Magazines Belgium (Publishing house, Belgium)
Centro Stampa Ticino (Prepress house, Switzerland)
Jaicom (Software vendor, Sweden and Finland)
NTM business group (Newspapers, Sweden)
Bonnier News (Dagens NyheterDagens IndustriExpressenHD-Sydsvenskan, Sweden)
Stampen Local Media (Newspapers, Sweden)
MittMedia (Newspapers, Sweden)
Norra Västerbotten (Newspaper, Sweden)
Bundesministerium für Inneres (Government, Austria)
Svenska Dagbladet (Newspaper, Sweden)
Aftonbladet (Newspaper, Sweden)