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Revolutionizing Ad Management


Welcome to the Automation Highway!

FileTrain is a powerful tool for automating any type of workflow. Besides copy, move, delete, FTP upload/download and email functions you will enjoy features like image processing, XMP-routing and database communication. FileTrain opens up for very advanced workflows that saves days of manual labour.

2016-12-06 Problem causing “License expired”

We are working to fix this asap. More information shortly.

Who is it for
Automation via FileTrain is enjoyed every day at many different companies in different verticals:

  • Newspaper publishers
  • Magazine publishers
  • Catalog publishers
  • Ad sales organizations
  • Prepress houses
  • Print houses
  • Industry organizations
  • Police districts (forensic dept)
  • Hospitals
  • Accounting firms

FileTrain is all about automation, it doesn’t really matter what type of automation you are looking for, FileTrain can be configured to handle most tasks!

Receiving files
Automatically get files from FTP servers, email addresses or file servers. Once downloaded FileTrain can sort them based upon literally any criteria you can think of, even on metadata inside files.

Sending files
Distribute files automatically to several external locations at once via FTP or email. FileTrain will of course also let you copy or move files to other destinations.

FileTrain can read and write metadata such as XMP and IPTC data. This can be used when monitoring an e-mail addresses, download all e-mails with attachments and insert message/sender information into the actual file for further processing.

Image Conversion and Manipulation
Change size, resolution, colorspace or crop images. FileTrain even lets you change resolution of images without using resampling, great for standardizing and optimizing your image workflow.

PDF Preflight and Split/Merge
FileTrain has built in functions to communicate with callas pdfToolbox Server to preflight and fix PDF files. Even without any 3rd party software you can split and merge PDF files.

Advanced Database Module
Bi-directional communication with 3rd party databases, MIS, ERP, Web2Print or ad booking systems allows you to use customer and other administrative information for further file and customer communication automation.

Use dynamic values
FileTrain support a lot of different dynamic values. You can add or edit date and time, create files and folders with names built from different sources etc.


FileTrain product sheet

Download the FileTrain product sheet