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Create reports for image agencies

Are you using copyright protected images? Have you ever thought about the time and the costs you spend on creating the reports for these images? Our guess is that you haven´t or at least haven´t seen all the time that is consumed in this process.
Creating these reports might be one of the most time consuming, non-creative, tasks for a magazine! Not to mention the image agencies that get magazines or papers with the information, having to type all the information on every image published into their business system.

Typical Feedback customers

  • Publishing houses, weekly and monthly magazines
  • Newspapers using images from image agencies
  • Other corporates publishing images from image agencies
  • Image agencies

A common way to create the reports:

  1. Use the printed magazine, start at page 1 to search all images used on this page.
  2. Find the images from page 1 in your image system, find who owns the copyright.
  3. Write the information on a piece of paper or in a document – for this picture agency.
  4. Do the same thing for the rest of the images on page 1 – then go on with the rest of the pages (and images).
  5. When done with the last page/image, put your paperwork in different envelopes and send to the picture agencies you need to report to.
  6. When the reports comes to the picture agencies they will need to start entering your information in their systems…

If this is the way you work it should be about 2 full days of work to create the reports for one magazine.

Create reports using Feedback:

Take a copy of the PDF´s you send to the print house. Upload the PDF´s to the Feedback server using the Feedback Client or just an FTP-client. The images are now extracted from the PDF´s, routed and sorted automatically, based on the file name of the PDF. Metadata is extracted and handled and when you log in to the Feedback system you will see something like this:


All the images are here, sorted by copyright holder. Icons tells you if there are images missing information, duplicates and other information that may affect your reports. Choose the image agency you want to create a report for and click Create report and you will be presented with this dialog:


Choose how you like your report to be and press OK and you are done.

Demonstration online

Are you interested in seeing Feedback live? Please use this link to send us an e-mail and we will be back to you as soon as possible for an online online demonstration of Feedback.

Download product sheet and case studies


Feedback product sheet


Feedback at an image agency


Feedback at a publishing house