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Revolutionizing Ad Management


Process images directly in your layout

ColorMan makes it easy to process your images, while they are mounted in your layout. No need for opening images in Photoshop or send to an image editor, just choose the channel you want to use and send the image to the server. The server do what you have asked and ColorMan will re-mount the processed image in your layout. If it didn´t turn out like you wanted, you can always go back to the original image so you can test whatever you like.

Speed and time are very important factors when it comes to news. Using ColorMan you will be able to choose which image to use closer to your deadline which can be really important.

CM Palette

The ColorMan palette

Using ColorMan is very easy. In the ColorMan palette you will see all images in your layout. Select image(s) and send it to the server. When sending it to the server, you have set up in your preferences what will happen in the different channels. For example, one image will only sharpen you images, another will convert RGB to CMYK, a third one will change your image from JPG to TIF. You may have as many different channels as you like.
You may even have channels that aren´t going to the server but will send your image for manual handling somewhere.

For magazines, marketing offices and newsletters

Newspapers must prioritize speed. For others, there might be a little better time to work on your layouts. In ColorMan we have built-in lots of features to make ColorMan compatible with most workflows and different editorial solutions.

Download the product sheet for ColorMan


ColorMan product sheet