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Revolutionizing Ad Management

Connect module

The Connect module adds an even tighter integration with your existing ad booking system.

Ad Booking Integration

When order is created in your ad booking system, Cargo will get notified and an e-mail will be sent to customer. This e-mail contains information about the order such as publishing date, dimension etc as well as unique links to deliver camera ready ads or files for ad production.

Dimension Check

During upload of a camera ready ad, Cargo will compare dimensions of the PDF with the actual order. Customer will get a message immediately if file dimensions don’t correspond to booked size.

Automatic Reminders

Material reminders can be sent automatically to customer based on publication date, or any other information that is available in the booking system. A good example is when Cargo Connect sends out a gentle reminder 7 days before publication date, and if no file has arrived 3 days before publication date, another email will be sent out.
Reminders can be sent out via email or SMS (text message).

How Does­­ It Work?

Once an order is booked in your ad booking system Cargo will get notified via a XML that contains all information about the order. The Connect module will parse the XML run a series of actions based upon rules.

E-mail with Unique Upload Links

Cargo will parse the XML and based on rules it will send an e-mail to the right person. The e-mail contains unique links for uploading material directly to the order. The big advantage with this is that Cargo knows what to expect when a customer clicks on an upload link.

Upload of Files

Customer will upload either camera ready files or files for your production department. In case of camera ready files, a dimension check and a PDF preflight will take place immediately.If PDF preflight and dimension check are OK, then traffic personnel don’t have to do anything more than visually check the ad. This means minimal handling internally and a more effective system.

Design Flexibility

The web page that is displayed for the customer which holds the online proof can be 100% customized to fit your needs and your corporate guidelines.