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Revolutionizing Ad Management

Cargo Production

Ad production and proofing for any ad booking system

Cargo Production has all the functions that you have in the Cargo Connect module, with the addition of extra tools for you ad production department.
Cargo Production gives you the following functions:

  • Sort incoming files to correct ad
  • Creative Suite Plug-in for InDesign
  • Creation of InDesign document based upon size in ad booking system
  • Approval process where customer can comment on proof
  • Easy overview of ads that needs attention

Automatic matching with order
Customer upload files (images, documents, logos etc) via a simple upload form. Since it’s a unique link Cargo will know exactly what order the uploaded the files are for.

Drag & Drop
Once files are uploaded they will immediately be available in the Cargo Production plug-in for InDesign. A palette will show files uploaded for the specific ad you are working on.

Creation of ad
The plug-in will read the dimensions of the booked ad and create a new InDesign so you can start building a new ad from scratch. You can also re-use a previous ad and use that as a base.

Example of the workspace in InDesign when using Cargo Production.

Example of the workspace in InDesign when using Cargo Production.

When ad is done, you will simply press “Send proof” and this will automatically generate an e-mail to your customer with a link to a proof of the newly created ad. As a producer you do not have to look up e-mail addresses to the customer in your CRM system, Cargo already have this information and you need to do is to press “Send”.  This will then create a highres and a lowres PDF automatically. If customer accepts the design of the ad, it will automatically move the highres PDF into the correct folder structure and update your ad booking system accordingly.

Proofing reply
Any comments that the customer does on the proof web page will be shown in Cargo Production InDesign plug-in. No need for the ad producer to change tool. All information will be available in InDesign.

Cargo uses clear statuses so everyone can see the status of an ad at any given time. All statuses in Cargo can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Cargo Production is an optional module to Cargo Ad Portal.