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Revolutionizing Ad Management

Cargo Ad Portal


Revolutionizing Ad Management!

Ad production, proofing and management for ANY ad booking system!

Whether you are a large newspaper, magazine publisher or a printshop Cargo will save time for you and your organization. Cargo Ad Portal is used at more than 300 newspapers and magazines all over the world. The main reason for these customers to choose the Cargo system is because the flexibility and proven track record that you will get a more efficient workflow.

If you take a look at your current workflow for your traffic department you will probably find that they have many manual steps in their processes and that files that are OK almost takes as long to process as files that are incorrect. PDF files that are OK should simply just fly through the system, you should not waste any time on files that are OK.

reminder-90Automatic Reminders
How many hours a week do you spend on chasing material for a booked ad? Cargo will handle this for you automatically. Based upon user definable rules emails and/or SMS can be sent to customers asking them upload files.

upload-icon-90File Delivery/Upload
Direct your customers to upload files with customized metadata via an online web form with e-mail notification to customer. This will eliminate the guess-work as you have with receiving files via e-mail and FTP.

pdf_check-90PDF Preflight
How many times have you had to call your customer to tell them that their PDF file was not up to your standard? With Cargo Online Preflight your customer will immediately see whether the PDF is OK or not. PDF files will be automatically preflighted during upload and results will be shown directly in the browser.

Control-Panel-icon-1You’re in control

It doesn’t matter what the source is, E-mail, FTP, a folder or a Cargo web form,all files will endup in the Cargo Dispatch interface for easy overview and handling.

integration-90Integration with ad booking system
If you are receiving ads via Cargo, you can easily match them with your existing ad booking system (CRM). Cargo supports many ad booking systems out of the box, but we can also connect to customer built systems. Cargo supports Anygraaf Aprofit, Atex Enterprise, Lineup Ad-point, NetSuite, NewsCycle AdBase (incl XE), Position Ett P1 Annons, Tieto CrossAdvertising, Microsoft Dynamics and many others.

InDesign_CS6-90Ad Production
Cargo Production module also caters a Plug-in for Adobe InDesign where ad producers can see booked ads and all files that’s been uploaded by customers, send proofs to customers directly from InDesign, pickup recent ads and start producing the next, quick and easy.

Today, Cargo Ad Portal is used by more than 300 newspaper titles and and/or monthly magazines all over the world.

Please feel free to contact us for a free demonstration online!

Download product sheets for Cargo

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Cargo Ad Portal product sheet


Cargo Connect och Production product sheet