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Create reports for image agencies

Using copyright protected images?

Ever thought about the time and the costs you spend on creating the reports for these images?
If you still do this manually, our guess is that you haven´t. Creating these reports might be one of the most time consuming, non-creative, tasks for a magazine!

Feedback support both print and web publishing

Typical Feedback customers

  • Publishing houses, weekly and monthly magazines
  • Newspapers using images from image agencies
  • Other corporates publishing images from image agencies
  • Image agencies

Correct information

  • Since Feedback analyzes the print PDF, the information created on Feedback server will be correct. All the last minute changes will be there and you will not risk to create the report from a version that never was printed.
  • It is not only time consuming creating these reports, it´s also really easy to make human errors. So you will increase quality at the same time as you save time.
  • Feedback handles metadata both as IPTC and XMP.

Other areas of use

  • Create reports for internal system, e.g a DAM-system. Set a metadata stamp telling when this image was last used.
  • Get statistics on photographers you are using. Do you have contracts with photographers but you rarely use their images? Can you get a better contract?
  • Do you buy images you don´t use? Or do you buy images you don´t need? Use Feedback to analyse which images that really where used.


1) Publisher publish images on web or print
2) The report is automatically produced and sent via Feedback to the different image agencies
3) The image agencies can import the reports, create invoices and e-mail them to the publishers.
This is the all digital, all automatic, workflow using Feedback for copyright images!