Consultant services

Laidback has aquired a unique position when it comes to services we can offer our clients. We have consultans with a vast experience of both advertising and editorial work, from organization work to integrations. Our expertise on workflows can be used on any kind of automation processes in newspapers and magazines, regardless on department.
Not to mention we do have both systems and the option to develop customized solutions when needed. 

We are happy to assist when it comes to projects to raise efficiency, create analyses and optimize workflows and organisations. We can also take part in investment projects and restructuring organisations.
Don´t hesitate contacting us when you need to perform more efficiently!

Software Development

Can´t find what you are looking for? Sometimes customized development is the only way. We have developed customized software for more than a decade, stand alone applications, systems, or plug-ins to the Adobe software. Our partnership with Adobe goes back to 2002. 

Here are some of the customers where we have done different kinds of projects. 
Staples, H&M, Hallpressen, The Swedish Newspaper Organisation, Lammhultsmöbler, CitatSolutions, Bonnier Tidskrifter, Biltema, Stadium and Peak performance. 


We pride ourselves for having a great tech support. Many of our customers are in the publishing industry, needing help quickly since news get old very fast. 
To be able to have this high level of tech support, we have created a SUP-contract (Software Upgrade Plan) available for all our products. The fee for the SUP-contract is based on the licensing fee. For rental and hosting licenses, the fee for the SUP-contract is always included in the licensing fee. 

Extended support

Customers in need of more assistance can use the Extended support. Laidback will then assist with most of the maintenance, configuration and tech support. Please contact us for more information. 


We offer a cloud solution for our systems Cargo and Feedback, using a data center for a virtual server environment.